Programs Supported by the Scott M. Fisher Foundation Fund of the Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services

The Scott M. Fisher Foundation Fund, now a part of the Rapphannock-Rapidan Community Services Board (RRCS), supports the board's efforts to raise awareness of the warning signs of depression and suicide, share valuable information on how and where to seek help, and provide emergency services.

Some of the programs that the Scott M. Fisher Foundation Fund has also helped are listed below. There is a growing need for funds for these programs, as well as additional programs needing help from our foundation. Click on the links for more information on these programs:

Healthy Culpeper's After School Arts Program
This program works with middle and high school youth in Culpeper and provides classes that help youth express their artistic/creative talents. This program builds self esteem and self confidence in youth and also provides healthy interaction with adults and peer mentors.
Empowering Culpeper
This is a food distribution program that operates out of the Culpeper United Methodist Church in Culpeper. Each month food is provided to qualified families in need of services. Other organizations provide clothes, books and other items for the needy. These individuals are struggling financially and need these services to survive. A flyer is put in each bag of food for those receiving services that outlines the warning signs of suicide and depression and who to call for help.
Hospice of the Rapidan
Hospice of the Rapidan provides grief support and counseling not only to those who have lost a loved one to death but to those who are grieving any loss. These counseling services can help individuals to process their loss and grief and be monitored to be sure they are safe.
SAFE (Shelter for Abused Families)
SAFE provides counseling services to those who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault. Individuals who experience domestic violence or sexual assault are 30 times more likely to try to take their life than someone who has not been. These counseling groups are critical to prevention suicidal behavior. All SAFE counselors are also trained to recognize suicidal individuals and how to assist them get needed help.
Law Explorers Program
This is a program operated by the Culpeper Town Police Department. The program works with high school youth interested in law enforcement. Youth work in a healthy atmosphere with adults who mentor them and help them with their self esteem and self confidence. The youth are also provided leadership training.
Culpeper Youth Football League
This is a program that provides healthy adult and youth relationship building and develops self esteem, self confidence and a spirit of teamwork in youth. It also provides for parental involvement.
Options Program
Options staff implements the Thinking for a Change Program with youth at local high schools and at the Options Program that teaches youth how to make wise decisions and how to think before acting. Decision making is a valuable skill that helps to build self esteem and self confidence.
Goodwill provides a program that works with teens that are having difficulties in school and helps them develop skills that will help them be successful in school, work and relationships.
Culpeper Library Teen Program
The Culpeper Library provides a program that brings youth together for healthy interaction with one another as well as adults. The program increases self esteem and self confidence and also involves youth in constructive activities that increase the chances of them reading books.
Virginia Pregnancy Centers
The pregnancy center provides support and counseling to youth who are pregnant and are single. This is a situation that can result in depression and suicidal thoughts. The program assists and counsels youth whether they decide to keep the baby or have an abortion and follow up with them in both situations to be sure they are adjusting in a positive way.
Media Campaign
It is critical that messages are delivered to community members that reduce the stigma of mental illness, increase help seeking behaviors, outline warning signs of depression and suicide and provide numbers to places that can provide needed services to those in distress. An ongoing media campaign exists in Culpeper as part of the suicide prevention efforts and utilizes local newspapers and television.

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